Kuni Automotive Organization Chart

The Kuni automotive Garage works much like an eco system. The Garage supports the 15 Kuni Dealerships in five states. Each branch in the Garage not only supports its department in the dealership, it also rely’s on the other departments within the garage. This Organization Chart or “Org Chart” shows how we are all part of…

Grease Monkey Typeface

Inside the “tool box” typeface explanation it says: “Twin brothers Josh and Joey owned an auto shop together. They were always pulling pranks on each other. After a particularly grueling month of elevating pranks, the guys were no longer on speaking terms. Working closely together, in a customer driven business, this silence was particularly difficult….

Dairygold Milk Re-Brand

Reinventing the local dairy   My goal was to revive an old way of packaging and purchasing milk and improve it to make it simple, desirable, and beneficial to the community. The idea was to bring back glass bottle packaging and local sourcing of milk in the mainstream grocery stores as well as recreating local…

Stipple and Grid

These projects are very nostalgic for me. They were from my very first art class back in high school. This first project was using stipple (dots) to show light and shade. For this second project I used a grid on a magazine photo of Jewel to draw my teenage idol.